A family kitchen in time for the holidays

Fairfax County Times Homes Friday Sunday December
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Source: Fairfax County Times Homes December 1 – 3, 2017

How master designer/remodeler Sonny Nazemian’s award-winning plan revitalized a 60-year old home

If the American kitchen isn’t what it used to be, that’s partly because the way it is used has changed dramatically. In the past, tradition called for meals prepared out of view in the galley, and consumed in a formal space: the dining room. Custom held that someone unseen had organized the meals. ‘What happened in the kitchen, stayed in the kitchen,’ so to speak, But now we’re in the age of elegant-but-casual interactions. There’s less ceremony. Homeowners seek less structure and – in a home – this can mean fewer walls. These impulses become particularly apparent in the holiday season, when the extended family convenes, and what’s prized is an “open plan” inside a sweeping visual continuum that is also zoned for privacy and easy socialization. Creating that  playful interactive space in a way that works for everyone often entails something of journey; especially when the existing house is over 60 years old. Consider McLean homeowner Kevin Puzder’s experience… < Read More >

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