2016 NARI Capital CotY Honorable Mention Award Winner, Residential Kitchen $30,000 to $60,000

Professional single woman living in a 15 years old townhouse in Lowe’s island area of Loudon County is tired of looking at builder grade Kitchen of hers since she moved in. According to her walls closing in on her. She has not much room to maneuver, especially when she has her social club groups over for dinner or cocktails.


After consulting several firms she has chosen our group to help her bring this kitchen project to reality. Our concept was more revolutionary and out of the box for her, and that is why she wanted us to redesign this kitchen.


Our staff, saw her problems, and despite the challenges and difficulties of bearing walls and relocating a lot of duct and soil stacks, but that was the price to pay to achieve the ultimate kitchen.


The first thing to go was partitions between kitchen and breakfast area, then the load bearing wall (home to soil stack from upstairs two baths and duct chases). They all had to be relocated to shared side walls and then installing a beam caring the second floor load. That opened up the field for a center working island. The sink plumbing was relocated to east wall while the gas cooking shifted further down to make room for cooking area.

All bulkhead were eliminated, along with its plumbing and electrical contains. This allowed us to implement taller cabinets. By the way of opening up the wall between kitchen and dining room we were able to add a length of extra 10 ft. into kitchen cabinetry on the east wall.

The tall elements such as pantry and fridge were all relocated to west wall and out of sight creating a more open illusion of space.

The clever use of various lighting sources such as LED recessed and LED under and inside cabinet lighting along with decorative mini chandeliers have made this ultimate kitchen specular & unique.


The new Brazilian Walnut in wide plank replaced the old vinyl tile floor and was continued throughout the entire first level. This act was part of grand skim of open floor plan.


she gets to have her friends and “book club” over to get together s without worrying that the place is too tight and small and more


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