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Source: Fairfax County Times Homes & Gardens Friday -Sunday, January 18-20, 2019

Skillful interior makeover converts dated rooms into elegant gathering place


What a relief to be living in a “holiday-tested” house as the New Year unfolds.

Such are the reflections of Gregory Brill causally critiquing the kitchen-centric floorplan recently introduced into his family’s busy lifestyle.

What can this baby do? A sit-down dinner for forty or more, family gatherings at Thanksgiving, Christmas open house parties, birthdays, anniversaries.

“We’re the hub for our extended family,” Brill explains. “So I appreciate a plan that makes it easier to prepare meals and spend time with guests. The visual connection really adds to the festivities.”

A food preparation island, well-organized workspaces and several strategically located “built-ins” facilitate multi- tasking. Yet the kitchen “finish work” is so artfully integrated that the entire first-floor functions as an upscale entertainment suite. “The effect”, Brill acknowledges, is a far cry from the compartmentalized warren of small rooms that dominated the home he had purchased in late 2009. <Read More>

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