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Grand Award Winner

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NARI Capital CotY Grand Award Winner

This kitchen at the rear of the home needed an update. The cabinets were not full height, there was a drop ceiling that needed to be taken out, and there was a narrow passage from the kitchen into the dining room which also contained the doorway to the garage. We needed to open up the whole room and widen the passage to the dining room, which entailed moving load bearing walls. We bumped back the wall to the dining room, installing a load bearing beam, and widened the passage to make it wider to walk and to wrap cabinets around the sides. We installed a beveled corner cabinet at the garage door, to give them more space to enter and exit there. We also installed additional wine storage and counter space in these areas. We moved the sink and stove relative to each other, to equalize the counter space between them, so those areas would be more efficient to work in. We added full height upper cabinets, giving them more storage space, and room for a microwave above the stove. The backsplash is diagonal tile, for interest. The cabinetry is cherry in finish slightly darker than natural, to give this kitchen a rich feeling, along with the hardwood flooring and granite counters to match!

Grand Award for Kitchen under $30,000 Contractor of the Year 2005 by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry


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