Kitchen - 2101


Kitchen – 2101

The new owner of this Centex complex townhomes was about to overhaul there entire first floor. Having a building industries background, he wanted to explore taking all interior walls out and create a much-desired open floor plan with a massive kitchen.

The current home had a front living room followed by a small boxed out dining room. A structure wall separating the back of the house kitchen from the front living space. It was all to chopped up for their daily lives. The floor is concrete slab. The partition wall was bearing. The HVAC system is located on second floor and the supply and return ducts were all boxed in columns in living spaces.


  • Eliminating bearing partition walls
  • Relocating all supply and return ducts from box columns
  • Run1” gas line from exterior meter for new 48” stove
  • Cutting slab concrete to relocate all plumbing and electrical for new island

The plan was to combine the entire first level and create an open space floor-plan, with locating the new large kitchen in front of this town house, implementing a large island in middle of the space which accommodate big group seating. The old kitchen converted to a casual family room seating space facing a wall coved with linear fireplace and sheep-lap barded wall and embedded Tv. The old glued down floor was removed and replaced with a more contemporary LVT flooring.

The entire space covered with new LED lighting, floor to ceiling cabinetry on south wall with upgraded appliances and inside lighting cabinetry.

A gorgeous quartz counter top coving the dark blue island with water falls on one end stand tall in middle this amazing kitchen. Three pendent lights over this massive Island brighten up this new space.

This new living space reveals what an amazing total overhaul has been accomplished and how happy this family is spending all their time on this floor.

The design team spent a lot of time with the couple for details such as color scheme, backsplash design, counter top slab and floor design to bring what they desired their new space to look like.



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