Kitchen 260

Growing family had just bought a 1980 split level home; among lot of items to be updated, the kitchen was the first and most critical one for the new owners.
The kitchen was located just to the right on foyer as you entered and covered by big bulkheads. A big closet was taking majority of the left wall and the rest of the kitchen was straight ahead.
First order of business was to gut out all cabinetry, closet, floor and the bulkheads. A lot of ductwork and plumbing for second floor baths was hidden inside these spaces. We rerouted a major part of them and compact them in a way to create more space for taller and more cabinetry.
The stove and its gas line was located into the left wall, a large pantry took over the closet space. The dining room door ( a bearing wall) was widened by inserting a solid header, got shifted down to all longer cabinetry on both sides of stove.
Fridge was placed on the back wall with a cubby wine rack just to left of it both for aesthetics and allowing the fridge door to totally wing open.
There was a large Island implemented in the center of kitchen with lots of cabinetry and gadgets opening for all four sides. This center island offered a much needed work space for their busy lifestyle.
Just to the right of kitchen entrance was a dead space that we have used for workspace or kids homework. Upper glass cabinetry offered display for prized china.
Added recess lights, under cabinet lights and inside cabinet lights with dimmer switches offered an alternative lighting option and made this kitchen pretty bright.
Working triangle and traffic pattern have been improved and added cabinetry space have given the wife a lot more space to fill.
The use of light maple cabinetry with brushed stroke espresso glaze with a contrasting granite counter top made this kitchen one to wow you.
Clients are extremely satisfied with this new kitchen and now looking forward to get the rest of the house done.


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