2012 NARI Capital CotY, Merit Award Winner, Residential Bath under $30,000

2012 NARI Capital CotY, Merit Award Winner, Residential Bath under $30,000

This piano teacher lives in a small townhouse in Reston, VA seating on a beautiful lake. This home had a lot to offer but the third level master bath has been a major issue for the client.

While old and small looking bathroom, but had potential. The sloped ceiling was not used in right manner and hence made the bathroom very tight.

We have looked into adjacent attic space and with some changes to rafter and duct work, we were able to offer additional space to bathroom and call it a Master bathroom.

Client wanted to have a soaking tub, but a large shower and long double vanities was on top of her wish list.

The entire bathroom plumbing and electrical was relocated and changed to fit the new design. The bath tub now is the large shower. Rafters over it was redesigned and lifted to allow better head room.

The added space from attic was efficiently used for a free standing soaker tub. This allowed having a long vanity space with a long counter top, lot of storage space and two sinks.

The toilet space was changed around better traffic flow.

The choice of decorative multi color tile selection and its accents has emphasized more on the contemporariness of this bathroom. We wanted to make the bathroom more connected with rest of thyme of this contemporary townhouse.

The built in niches, bench, frameless shower enclosure, under mount sink, bucket style soaker tub and lots of small touches have contributed to this ultimate transformation of space.

Now client consider a longtime stay in this beautiful home facing the lake and enjoy her time in her dream bathroom. She has achieved her ultimate goal of large, usable bathroom with lots of amenities and better traffic flow. But most of all retire into the soaking tub of her dream is priceless.


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