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Middle-aged owners of a 1980’s center hall Colonial are seeking a significantly upgraded kitchen that will also provide several universal design features necessitated by an accident that has consigned the otherwise healthy husband to a wheelchair. In addition to the everyday accessibility sought by the husband, the wife’s employment requires occasional overnight travel on occasion, creating situations in which the husband must fend for after himself. He is also quite active in assisting in cooking and clean-up chores. There was lack of space for entertainment and limited access to backyard.
Gardening is one of her major hobbies and she wanted to have a patio and planters around new addition

the existing kitchen and dining room—separated by a bearing wall– are too small and cramped (even discounting accessibility needs); the goal is to combine these rooms into single kitchen suite; there is a small under- utilized living room the owner’s want to makeover into the new dining room
overall, owners are seeking solutions that bring appliances into the husband’s reach and facilitate movement throughout the house and onto a rear deck. they are also seeking a significantly upgraded interior design scheme that provides integrated display platforms for prize collectibles and a generous increase in storage capacity.

build a 11 x 16 sun-room and building around to enlarge old dining room area with cathedral ceiling and adding a lot of windows and a French door accessing the new deck and new back brick patio.
remove bearing wall between kitchen and dining room;
remove bearing wall between old dining room and new addition, and extending kitchen into new addition
remove carpet from former living room and dining room; match existing oak flooring and install throughout;
re-route ceiling flush HVAC duct work and plumbing; remove bulkhead as needed to expand wall surfaces required for larger cabinets;
redesign kitchen floorplan concentrating major appliances closer to the new dining room;
[design and construct at midroom a large multi-level island that features new gas-powered cooktop range, a wheel chair accessible dining counter and glass–facing china cabinetry;
[create a wheelchair-accessible elevation that includes a sink, dishwasher and under counter refrigerator; also, provide a station at which the husband can access the internet
install French door on rear elevation that makes it easier for husband to access back deck
interior finishwork includes cherrywood cabinets; granite countertops;
[recessed lights, pendant lights, puck lights, under counter lights, ceiling fan, pot holders, etc, are a few of the amenities that make this a lovely and enjoyable home.


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