2021 NARI Metro DC Coty MERIT AWARD Residential Landscape Design/ Outdoor Living over $250,000

This couple desired to expand their horizon and maximize their outdoor living space. Their back yard was part of a big hill and a major amount of excavation needed to level up the ground for any kind of flat space use.

  • The homeowner’s goals where to have a big lower level patio to be able to walk out of their basement into stone patio
  • Space for outdoor jacuzzi
  • Space for outdoor wood burning fireplace and seating wall
  • Outdoor lower bar
  • Second floor large scale deck with a cooking bar
  • A walkway ramp for wheelchair access(covered with roof)
  • Lots of seating and entertainment space


The big backyard hill and big ground.

Big stone retaining walls needed.

Major excavation.

Run utilities, such as gas and water and sewer for bar area.

Resolve drainage

The project started with breaking ground, and haul away major amount of dirt from back yard,implementing over 300 ft of retaining wall covered in stone to sunk in the patio.

Cutting concrete walls in basement to create walk out into new patio. New flagstone patio over concrete slab was designed with outer radius to own a wood burning fireplace and seating walls. Right side was covered with tall stone wall and raining to adjacent neighbors.

Under the deck area is a covered area for bar with stool seating wrapped with ledger stone and granite top and a secluded area for jacuzzi away from neighbors’ view.

A double-sided staircase was built connecting lower patio to wrapped around upper deck. The new Azak covered deck with listed rail system was equipped with cooking island, natural gas grill, sink and faucet, microwave and outdoor beverage center.A covered walkway ramp has given an opportunity for elder mother in wheelchair to be able to visit them and spend time outdoor with them.

Beaded ceiling panels and hanging chandeliers has lid up this veranda.This three-story addition into back of this dwelling stand tall in this community and now more than ever this family get to enjoy their backyard and outdoors with friends and family.

The harmonizing choice of decking colors with ledger stone, granite tops, flagstone and veneer wall stones has given this outdoor project a standing ovation.


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