2015 NARI Capital CotY Merit Award Winner, Residential Exterior $100,000 to $200,000

Wanting to enjoy their backyard more than before, this family of four decided to have a around glass sunroom, a first floor deck and an on ground patio. Also they were interested to get a second floor balcony over new sunroom just outside of the Master suite.

The backyard was facing parkland and had beautiful scenery. We wanted to take most advantage of this view, so we had directed the new sunroom and deck in a way to face all of that.

Challenges: the entire backyard was set on backfilled dirt and in order to construct this four seasons unconditioned sunroom we needed to dig down about 9 ft to basement footing level and then build up our footing and foundation up from there. The retaining wall that was part of areaway had to be underpinned and supported to act as a foundation wall on that end.

Resolution: build a 26’x26’ one story hexagonal addition on the back of kitchen to make an all around glass enclosure with a flat rubber roof.

This room best captures the back parkland view due its multiple angles. A major steel beam had to be inserted in middle this addition to handle roof span load of 2nd floor balcony.

The second floor balcony was designed to have Trex decking board installed over the rubber roof without puncturing the rubber. This space was connected by converting a window to double French door from Master suite area. Tastefully we have build benches and planters for this space.

The first floor deck was built just outside of new Sunroom and connected by French doors to that and existing family room.

Our designers creatively drafted and implemented multi color decking and starburst in the middle. With flaring staircase the deck was connected to a new 12’x20’ multi-color flagstone patio. The stone color and decking boards are all complimenting each others.

The wood pattern tile floor in new sunroom gives this space indoor and outdoor feel.

Relaxing in this sunroom while sun is setting is just breath taking view.

This family gets to enjoy their large group gathering whether it is inside or outdoor.


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