2015 NARI Capital CotY Merit Award Winner, Entire House Under $250,000

Living in Brazil and Miami most of their lives has prompted this couple to transform their Ashburn residence into one of those modern (and SHINY) ones.

They wanted to have much larger kitchen with a huge center island, large scale marble flooring throughout entire first floor, and a large in home exercise room for her daily physical therapies. A new big deck instead of the existing small one, as well as a large on ground patio.

They own 12 puppies and it was essential for them to have a large mudroom with side entrance and doggie door.


  • removing back wall of the 10 ft high kitchen and install structure beam for hold second floor
  • areaway to basement door was on the way of new Gym foundation wall and had to be reconfigured to allow such structure

Considerable amount of plumbing and duct work had to be relocated to open up bulkheads and back bearing wall.

Colors was everything to her. She wanted it bright and shiny. It had taken over four months to come up with an exact Shade of cobalt blue with high gloss lacquer finish for her cabinetry.

The combination of stainless upper cabinetry and cobalt blue one, along with large scale stainless steel appliances has glorified this project.

Smart use of curved glass block with red and blue background lights, task and pendent lights in various shape and colors , stainless steel appliances a, mirror walls and eye of blue granite counter tops are just to name a few of highlight of this job.

A 14’x 24’ addition to back of existing kitchen along with a 10’x14’ right side addition as mudroom was implemented to enlarge their kitchen, allowing a hug center island, much more storage space and space for their dogs.


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