2012 NARI Capital CotY, Finalist Award Winner, Residential Exterior under $100,000

1980 Home in Springfield, VA has been owned by a couple with three kids. Outdoor life meant the word to the couple as their kids constantly have friends over and sports are a big part of their lives.

  • They bought the house with a very run down and small deck. This was not what the imagined their outdoor lives to be.
  • Few large trees and their roots were taking over the back yard, the slope of backyard also created a slump
  • Main objectives was to be able to have large enough patio, deck and screen porch that they could all be outside and everyone can attend their own activities
  • After meeting with clients we have designed and start the implementation of huge deck on the right side of back of the house and 20’x20’ octagonal screen porch on left side. In order not to interfere with windows and utility placement of lower level, we have created a cross brick walkway which leading into double sided stairways
  • On the lower level after removing several trees, grading the yard into what could be pretty flat for our patio project we have put in a flagstone patio from New patio door under the screen porch to a circular ( approximately 18’x18’) open patio area surrounded with short stone seating walls.
  • We have brought electrical and lighting for under the screen porch, into seating walls and into all staircases.
  • A bed for plants and flower with stone rocks were placed around utility meters and gave it a more desirable look
  • Use of small white rocks controlled run off and erosion and gave it clean and slick
  • The window from dining room was converted to a French door leading into screen porch
  • Use of Trex decking and PVC mantainace free products made the space more desirable to be used
  • Large amount of plants, sad and landscaping were plant to finish up the appearance of this project
  • High cathedral ceiling with beaded panels, recessed light, ceiling fan made this screen porch a delightful space to retire to.
  • The sound of Kids playing soccer in backyard will Dad is grilling and mom sitting on the rocking chair in screen porch was a long dream has come true for this family.

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