Kitchen Remodeling SAQ’s (Should-Ask-Questions)

So you’ve decided to remodel your kitchen. What happens next? Not knowing where to start, most homeowners fail to prioritize their needs for remodeling.

Some start by collecting kitchen photos from home magazines. Some decide that they just need an additional space. Some start by choosing the appliances they want for their kitchen.

Where do you plan to start? Ask these five kitchen remodeling questions to help you decide.

Question 1: What Is My End Goal In Mind?

Think about how your kitchen would look like or function after the remodel. With a clear vision of what you want, you can plan the right steps and prepare the right remodeling materials. Take your time in this process.

Question 2: Do I Have Enough Budget?

You cannot move on to the next phase without knowing how everything should cost. Complete kitchen remodeling cost ranges from $20,000 to $100,000. There are several issues that affect a project’s expenditure such as repairs, type of furniture, adding space, and so on.

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Question 3: Where Will I Find A Professional Contractor?

DIY’s are prevalent on the Internet, but if you want your kitchen to be perfect, then you should hire the right remodeling contractor. Others get referrals from friends or acquaintances, while some do an online research. It would be smart to choose an award-winning contractor to do the job.

Question 4: Is There A Required Legal Permit?

This is crucial especially when exterior alteration is a part of your project scope. However, permits vary from one state to another. You’ll be needing a licensed contractor to settle the paperwork and gather your permits.

Question 5: Should My Family And I Stay At Home During The Process?

If you or a loved one suffers from a physical illness, it might be best to stay somewhere else during the process. In these times, it is inevitable that the house will become uncomfortable to live in.

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