Does this kitchen feel enormously expanded?

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Source: Fairfax County Times Homes Friday – July 13, 2018


To create visual linkage between kitchen and family room, Michael Nash craftsmen constructed a 430-pound Dutch-style barn door to owner specification. The pre-manufactured wrought-iron track was meticulously installed by the crew to assure the alignment would support load requirements.

Transforming a circa-1970s “builder-grade” kitchen into a French country style interior that incorporates a barn door had won remodeler Michael Nash Design Build and Homes a string of prestigious peer awards when it was first complete. But more important to homeowners Jeffery and Meg Levine is how well the makeover works for entertaining friends and family in every season.

“This contractor accomplished a lot with our budget,” Meg Levine acknowledges. “The suite of rear rooms that includes the kitchen and family room feels enormously expanded, yet we only borrowed a few feet from inside the house. Overall, the improvement has been great for family gatherings.”

Looking back, the original 143-square-foot kitchen plus family breakfast zone was rife with shortcomings, Levine recalls— not the least of which was the narrow, L-shaped food preparation zone crowded with appliances, and counter surfaces that actually hampered thru-traffic and sightlines. < Read More >

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