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These two busy realtors just bought themselves a gorgeous property on a prominent golf course community. Knowing that first order of business would be revamping the kitchen and adjacent dining space. With a sink facing the wall, 11 ft ceiling but covered with large bulkhead and not exploring the height of the space, couple of big walls separating kitchen from next door two story family room were all the more reasons that this remodeling must taken place sooner than anticipated.

We began with taking off the walls to family room and see how much space could be gained to accommodate a large center island

Second, the dining room walls had to be moved to widen the kitchen. We have achieved this take by inserting multiple large microlam headers to distribute the load of the bearing wall. Then we placed double sided china and pantry cabinets separating the tow space.

The double stacked cabinetry with glass toppers led with LED lighting has took over the bulkheads offering additional store while enhancing the 11 ft ceiling height. Clients have chosen a custom painted cabinetry with a bold Cherry with green stain for center Island as a bold statement.

A challenging but wise coordination of color schemes among a very exotic countertop, highly custom painted cabinetry and polished linear backsplash has made this kitchen an eye catcher.

We have relocated all plumbing for new sink and dishwasher now facing the stone fireplace of family room side instead facing the back wall.

The back wall is now used to have a large professional stove, hood and built in refrigerator and freezer towers.

We have used a wall to create a butler area and placed a double glass beverage center to serve kitchen and family room.

The breathtaking view of golf course seen through French doors has brighten the look of this main level.

The smart use of lighting, pendent lights , ledger style , color schemes make this project one that belong in every design magazine.

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