6 Easy Steps To Improve Your Garage Door

You know what attracts prospective buyers and first-time visitors when they enter your home? The garage door. This is when your garage door is facing in front.

Whether you are aware of it or not, garage doors that are old, rusty, dirty, and outdated can sabotage the entire beauty of your home. But by simply updating and changing your front door, you can drastically improve your home’s aesthetic appeal. Aside from it’s looks, your garage door should also provide security for your home. Find out how you can save more bucks by revamping your garage doors the first time.

Step 1: Schedule Your Project

Dry and warm weather would be the ideal time to remodel your garage doors. This is an outdoor project, so be sure your design and build company can finish the painting and installation as fast as they could. Doing this project on a rainy weather would be a time and money waster.

Step 2: Hire A Design & Build Company

Sure there are a lot of DIY tips prevalent, but only a garage door professional can improve your garage door perfectly.

Step 3: Get Legal Permits

Remodeling your garage door is considered as an outdoor project. A genuine company will help you acquire all the legal permits that your state or city requires.

Step 4: Choose Your Materials

Here are your top picks:

– Aluminum

– Steel

– Wood

– Fiberglass

– Tempered Glass

Step 5: Select A Door Type

Here are your top picks:

– Sectional (Rolls up and down on tracks)

– Swing-Out (Double doors that swing upward)

– Sliding (Slides open to the side)

Step 6: Do Your Research

Although you would hire an expert, it is still best to know the ins and outs of a garage door remodel.

Finding the design and build company that specialize in garage doors can help you save time and resources. Michael Nash Design, Build & Homes can help make your dream garage possible. We are just one call away at 703.994.4372.

Michael Nash Design, Build, & Homes™ is an award-winning design and build company from Northern Virginia. We specialize in custom built homes, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, green remodeling, home additions, and other home improvement projects. You can view our award-winning project gallery for inspiration.

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