Close to home after tour in Iraq

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Source: Homes & Home Improvement, Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A son returns to the U.S. and builds a place on family lot
By John Byrd Home Front News

A top remodeler converted the 1950s split-level into a standout duplex that works for the extended family.

Adter completing a seven-month tour in Iraq with he Marines, Mike Paigo returend to the Northern Virginia home he ahd shared with his single monther, Elisa. Consisting of Elisa’s three-bedroom primary residence and an attached studio Mike had occupied before enlisting, the duplex offered mother and son both family togetherness and privacy.

“My late parents originally lived in the studio,” Elisa recalls. “But since Mike was planning to get married, he and his wife, Bonnie, wanted to remake the space into something of their own.”…<Read More>

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