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2015 NARI Capital CotY Grand Award Winner, Residential Kitchen Over $150,000

Busy household of four lived in a fairly new home in Sterling wooded area of Virginia. They were happy with overall layout of their home. They have recently remodeled their staircase and repainted some of the rooms around the house. They removed some heavy molding as it was clashing with their vision for their home.

When they wanted to meet with our design staff, their main objectives was to lightened their kitchen, upgrade the kitchen to its maximum potential both spaciously and decoratively.

Their vision was contemporary but upscale. A bit of Ranch style mixed in with new design elements. They have lived in southern California in past and liked to bring in few of those elements into this space.

The fact that we had 10 ft of ceiling space to work with was a plus. The sunroom behind kitchen was not efficiently used. The small opening did not maximize the daylight from back huge windows.

Also opening connecting the two spaces was not wide enough for a good flow of traffic.

We have drafted a revamping plan, opening up the pass through, adding a stone ledge, widening the entrance to sunroom. Take out the rail between kitchen and family room and placed a large serving peninsula instead of it. This has offered large amount of storage and counter space for them to entertain without taking any space from kitchen. A hutch cabinetry was added in east wall of the sunroom creating continuation of space into that space.

Lighting is everything in this kitchen, new recess lighting in sunroom, kitchen, indirect lighting, inside cabinet and a very “interesting pendent light” to emphasis the contemporary aspect of the design was hung over the new and hung Island. We have created a box soffit above the Island to draw attention to center of this kitchen.

The south wall of kitchen was taken by closet, duct and limited pantry space. By relocating duct and insert couple of beams we have opened up this space to hold larger size refrigerator and give some additional cabinet space just next to it. The pantry space was widened & redesigned with custom build shelving and a matching door to cabinetry.

Another major drag was the laundry room, the door was taking to much space , crazy angles of the room was not leaving much space to work with. We have widened the entrance and installed a very interesting Barn door to resolve traffic path, Stacked the washer and dryer to create more space and brought plumbing for a slope sink. Also we created space for locker and pantry cabinet in the same weird angled room.

The design staff has spend numerous days to come up with most interesting custom cabinetry, Inset Cherry, distressed wood with a Sage finish complimented with a dark cherry brown Island.

The Quartzite composite (Highly exotic) counter top was carefully selected (not to mention months a research).

We have installed heated floor throughout remodeled space to comfort her and daughter feet as they walk bare foot all the time. While installing a planked Porcelain wood look tile floor enhancing the haze color tones of kitchen.

The back splash tiles are to die for. Just the right touch to make this kitchen pop.

Second sink in Island made the husband or shall I say the Chef more comfortable to easy reach ingredients from the fridge and cook on his massive 60” professional range.

I probably can go on for days and point out the smart and gorgeous elements of this kitchen but the pictures would say it all.

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