2009 Qualified Remodeler Master Design Award

Finalist Award Winner

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2009 Qualified Remodeler Master Design Award Finalist Award Winner

This townhouse kitchen was divided from the dining area by a wall with only a small door opening between them. In order to make the entire space one, we removed the wall and replaced it with the display counter and decorative pillar wrapping the support pole. This makes the kitchen seem much larger, and incorporates the formal dining room into the same space. The family now uses the space as one large dining area, which leads into the family room next door, and into the hallway, which has an enlarged doorway. There is now space for an island to store their cookbooks, as well as a large pantry. Since we removed soffits and put cabinetry on the wall where there had been none before, they have ended up with more storage space than before. They also have lighted display space for their porcelain collection, and they can take advantage of the daylight in the dining room, which had been completely cut off from natural light. The light palette also makes the room seem larger. We have included decorative moulding on the walls in the kitchen doorway, to match it to the ones on the dining room walls.


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