Bathroom 89 Gallery

This lovely his and hers bath and very large shower was constructed from one long narrow bath that did not work for these homeowners. They had a tub that they did not use, and they wanted their own separate areas to get ready for work. They also wanted another access to their closet, which we installed from the one bath. We redesigned this bath to have the shower in the middle, with double everything, shower heads, benches, doors, etc… so they could use it together if they wanted. Each of them can access the shower from their own vanity area. One of them has the outside window, and the other has the door to the closet. We managed to enlarge their closet a bit as well, by moving the wall into the bath, so they have more storage space in there. They have matching vanities and tile, mirrors, faucets, etc… but they have their own decor in their vanity areas. They each have their own door into the bedroom. Now they can get ready for work without running into each other, and they have their huge shower.


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