Bathroom 166
Bathroom 166
Bathroom 166
Bathroom 166
Bathroom 166
Bathroom 166

Bathroom 166

The client had recent major changes in her life and now she wanted to move forward with some in her home. One of the main drags of the house was its master bath.This was a dysfunctional and an old looking bathroom.

· The room space dedicated for toilet was to big
· The shower was too small and was next to a window
· The tub location was too close to door
· The bathroom entrance was tight and conflicting with closet door
· Vanities were small and not much storage
· The tile and countertop was old dated
· The lighting to room was limited

After fully understand her needs we have came up with the following implementations to her master bathroom:

· Reverse the positioning of the shower & toilet
· Taken square footage from hallway and re-configured the angled bathroom entrance and closet entrance to be much more welcoming. This also makes space for tub to be larger and have decking surrounding it
· Enlarge the shower and make it into a steam shower with built in bench, niches, double shower heads, hand shower, rain shower, a fully custom frameless glass enclosure ( with glass vents built-within)
· Create a private area for toilet
· Expand the vanities with much more storage, midway drawer,
· Exotic marble top was nicely contrasted with flagstone tiles
· Installed a therapeutic /bubble whirlpool into all tiled deck with step
· We have used flagstone tiles with various sizes, glass tiles for listellos and inside niches, mosaic tile for bordering around tub, inside shower and toilet area
· Install heated floor
· Change small skylight and installed two larger skylights situated above new tub location

The New bathroom with its new angled entrance facing the new larger Chocolate brown vanities is making a grand appearance. The large steam shower to the left over seeing the whirlpool tub, all surrounded with cleverly designed tile work and use of glass and mosaic pieces are making spectacular look.

Client is thrilled with how this bathroom has turned out and wishes to get to use this bathroom more and more in future.


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