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Colors, Natural Materials Define Nation’s Best Luxury Bathroom

Michael Nash National “Contractor of the Year” Exemplifies

Bathrooms come in many styles these days, as a stroll through the Fairfax, VA showroom of Michael Nash Kitchens and Homes makes clear.


Tiling that emanates restful colors; shower heads that play favorite music; heated floors, towel warmers; height-adjustable floating vanities; Jacuzzis with ergonomically-correctable head and arm rests; showers that double as a sauna.


These are just a few components in the showroom’s 15 fully assembled displays. But more revealing still is how often today’s master bathrooms are custom affairs, a product of a burgeoning accessories industry and the homeowner’s desire to own luxury now.


“There’s no precedent for the exploding demand for luxury baths,” says Michael Nash founder and CEO Sonny Nazemian who has been watching local trends for 33 years, and whose firm has consistently won regional and national honors in the highly competitive luxury bathroom category.


Ten years ago we completed about 80 new bathrooms a year; five years ago the figure was around 160. Last year, we finished 212 all over northern Virginia– and the project size and quality have increased exponentially.”

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The firm’s recent national “Contractor of the Year” award in a coveted bathroom category is a case in point. After occupying the same house for 22 years, McLean homeowners Sunder and Premila Raman were ready for an upgrade. Specifically, the seniors couple wanted an exceptionally designed retreat where they could take their time bathing.


The solution: convert a 210 square foot production-house bathroom into an open, free-flowing spa with a walk-in shower and freestanding pedestal tub artfully situated on river rock flooring.

“Bathrooms with a bathtub-shower-wetroom combination are becoming popular, “Nazemian says. “The wet room feature is an aging-in place consideration that’s invaluable when needed.


A linear drain keeps shower water from accumulating. The floor is otherwise level and even.


“The combination can add appreciably to re-sale value,” he says.


But, in the big picture, it’s “the personal cocoon” that’s so attractive to buyers.


“An open, well-lit space with warm contrasting textures, bold fluffy towels and a two-person Jacuzzi bubbling at your body temperature is a great place to relax,” Nazemian chuckles. “We get homeowners who rank the master bath as their favorite part of the house… in fact, of life itself.”

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Home Additions: Patricia Meder, Annandale, VA ---

“I would say, over the years we’ve hired Michael Nash anyway 15 different projects …”

Kitchen Remodeling: Jay and Gretchen MacMillan, Potomac Falls, VA ---

“… It was very scary, but overall it’s a very pleasant project for us” “I think it’s just like working with peers, they’re very nice and very open …”

Bathroom Remodeling: Cheryl Ann and John Helmick, Centerville, VA ---

“Oh they were fantastic (Michael Nash) … They came into the house and did everything …” “They were professional at all times …”

Home Additions

Patricia Meder, Annandele, VA

Kitchen Remodeling

Jay and Gretchen Mcmillan, Potomac Falls, VA

Bathroom Remodeling

Cheryl Ann and John Helmick, Centerville, VA

Michael Nash Design, Build & Homes
8630A Lee Hwy, Fairfax, VA 22031, USA

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