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This time of year is about togetherness, family and spending time being grateful.


Having an inviting, open home is important to making this time of year enjoyable and comfortable.


“When people think of the holidays and homes, they think how can we be together here in a way that makes sense,’” says Sonny Nazemian, founder and president of Michael Nash Design Build & Homes. “Part of that is having an open plan with a living area that flows.”


This was exactly the case when new homeowners in McLean approached Nazemian looking for an interior remodel. The old kitchen was small and dated and separated from the living space by a structural brick wall. The bathrooms weren’t modern, and the basement needed to be stripped down and completely redesigned.


In order to achieve an open layout around the kitchen, the supporting wall was taken out and replaced with supporting steel. A double sided


“For an open flow, look at the playing field of the home you are covering and keep the whole house in mind even if you are only doing a living room. Everything must match any new design.” –Sonny Nazemian

“In order to achieve the perfect interior design and renovation, you must define how each room correlates with another. You can’t focus only on one part of the house.” –Sonny Nazemian


gas fireplace was added to bring in the breakfast room and a sliding door connected both to the backyard living area. The kitchen was then upgraded with new appliances and cabinetry and a new functional island.


Basements are often overlooked, but can be converted into beautiful and functional family spaces. This basement was challenging, but the end result is a spectacular room with a large bar area, gas fireplace with ledgerstone and a flagstone hearth. A guest bedroom and new bathroom were also added to complete the basement space.


Now, an entire level is perfect for entertainment and housing family members during the holidays.

Page 37: Taking an old, separated kitchen into an open area involves bringing in design elements like a beautiful two-sided stone wall and fireplace and a functional island.


Opposite, top: A basement can be a great place for entertaining friends and a place where kids can get away and be together; and tw0 views of the new modern bath-rooms.


Above and at left: Another view of the open kitchen with good workspace and the stone fireplace–a central feature that ties the rooms together.


“Since most of our projects are executed by Michael Nash employees, we’re able to offer fixed price contracts. This is one of the reasons we’ve won more NARI awards that recognize outstanding achievements in professional remodeling than any other local firm.” –Sonny Nazemian

Request For Complimentary Consultation


Home Additions: Patricia Meder, Annandale, VA ---

“I would say, over the years we’ve hired Michael Nash anyway 15 different projects …”

Kitchen Remodeling: Jay and Gretchen MacMillan, Potomac Falls, VA ---

“… It was very scary, but overall it’s a very pleasant project for us” “I think it’s just like working with peers, they’re very nice and very open …”

Bathroom Remodeling: Cheryl Ann and John Helmick, Centerville, VA ---

“Oh they were fantastic (Michael Nash) … They came into the house and did everything …” “They were professional at all times …”

Home Additions

Patricia Meder, Annandele, VA

Kitchen Remodeling

Jay and Gretchen Mcmillan, Potomac Falls, VA

Bathroom Remodeling

Cheryl Ann and John Helmick, Centerville, VA

Michael Nash Design, Build & Homes
8630A Lee Hwy, Fairfax, VA 22031, USA

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