How To Have Family-Oriented Kitchen Remodeling Project

What is your purpose for kitchen remodeling?

Most kitchens tend to be built for entertainment and gourmet purposes. Some households merely focus on their family’s daily needs. From preparing snacks to having pets in the kitchen, you want your kitchen to be exclusively for the use of the entire family.

Since you focus more on family function, you have to make sure that the kitchen would last for at least 10 years. It should be adaptable for your handicapped relatives or children that love to run around the house. Before jumping into the kitchen remodeling venture, there are some features that you might consider adding.

An Open Plan

Family members usually gather at the living room or the kitchen. These are the two rooms in the house where you create memories and spend time together. Your kitchen should also be able to provide the comforts that the living room provide.

Accessible Pantry

Pantry cabinets should be accessible for everyone in the house. Experts from Michael Nash Design Build & Homes™ suggest that when considering kitchen remodeling, promote self-sufficiency for eating healthy snacks too. It should be easy for every person in the house to enjoy the pantry.

Easy-To-Clean Surface

Quartz surfaces can be durable and are more unlikely to stain because it is not as porous as the natural stone.

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Convection Microwave

This allows you to multi-task in the kitchen especially if you’ve got little time to prepare meals. Whether installed over the oven, the cabinetry, or in a pantry, having a microwave as a convection oven would be a smart thing to do. It’s like taking microwave to a higher level.

Refrigerator Drawers

Point-of-service refrigerators installed in a convenient location is an option. Include separate drawers to make it more convenient for family members to stock specific items.

Are you having trouble finding the perfect kitchen remodeling ideas that cater your family’s needs? View more award-winning kitchen projects.

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