Frequently Asked Questions About Bathroom Remodeling VA

Aside from kitchen remodeling, home bathroom remodeling is the most popular home improvement project in the USA. Several American home owners choose to start everything from scratch. Although sprucing up your current bathroom can be done under $1000, a completely new bathroom is still worth it.

Can’t make up your mind? Check out these frequently asked questions about bathroom remodeling:

Q1: Where should I invest more on my new bathroom?

A: Michael Nash Design Build & Homes™ does not guarantee that you have to splurge on every component in a bathroom remodeling project. It all depends on your style and preferences, but quality floor and wall tiles may cost more than any other parts of the bathroom. They are after all, worth the investment.

Q2: What is universal design?

A: In this time and age, being life smart is crucial. Universal design is a premise that things should be built for comfort regardless of shape, size, age, or physical limitations.


Q3: How long does the bathroom remodeling process take?

A: Actually, it all really depends on the entire project scope. The more repairs and redesigning it covers, the longer the process will take, but that is not a bad thing. Meeting and negotiating with a remodeling contractor alone takes about a week. So you have to set your schedule depending on your project scope.

Q4: What should I prepare for my bathroom remodel?

A: Evaluating your needs and wants would be a great start. If you do not have any motivation, you can flip through magazines or browse online for award-winning bathroom projects.

Q5: What is the typical workflow of a bathroom remodel?


a. Design creation

b. Material selection

c. Material ordering

d. Material delivery

e. Demolition

f. Plumbing

g. Sub flooring

h. Floor tiling

i. Electric wiring

j. Wall preparation

k. Wall tiling

l. Plumbing fixtures

m. Countertops

n. Medicinal storage

o. Lighting

p. Accessories

q. Painting

r. Touch up and cleanin

Meet Michael Nash Design Build & Homes™

Michael Nash Design Build & Homes™ is an award-winning design and build company from Northern Virginia. For the past six years, Michael Nash Design Build & Homes™ received 20 awards from Chrysalis Awards for their professionalism, quality service, design expertise, and client satisfaction. They were voted to have the best home remodeling projects for the entire Southern region for over 30 years.

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