Expanding space without adding on

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Source: Fairfax County Times, Friday – Sunday, March 13 – 15, 2020

Innovative solution named Best of Category in 11 Southern States | by JOHN BYRD

Having recently purchased their first home — a 30-year-old townhouse in Herndon — the new owners began exploring ideas for enlarging and upgrading the space-restricted production house with an eye toward making it more reflective of their own tastes and emergent family requirements.

Since the property had never been modified, the appropriate steps to realizing envisioned improvements within a budget remained unclear — until a meeting with Sonny Nazemian, founder and president of Michael Nash Kitchens and Homes, revealed a cohesive strategy for expanding usable space without adding on.

“The first level was quite cramped and very much a product of the late 1990s,” Nazemian recalls. “There are always significant structural challenges when retrofitting a townhouse. But this is housing specialty where we’ve acquired lots of experience. Our goal was to introduce an open plan with standout aesthetic improvements while staying in-budget.” < Read More >

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