Bathroom Remodeling When You’re Selling Your Home

bathroom remodeling springfield va
All good things must come to an end if you have finally decided to sell your house. But before you get teary-eyed with all the memories that made your house a home. You need to know what upgrades will boost its price in the market. This is where your real estate agent will enter the equation. However, he or she will have one thing in mind before your house gets listed: that much-needed bathroom renovation.

Most buyers will love the pull of a bathroom that reminds them of something luxurious. Be it making them believe they are inside a five-star hotel or calming spa. But the reality is that not all bathroom remodeling Springfield VA jobs will be perfect.

The best strategy is to maximize the budget you have on hand. You need to create an experience that prospective buyers will love. Here are simple guidelines on how to create a “wow” factor with your bathroom remodeling project.

1. Gather everyone

First, call for a family meeting with everyone who will be using the area. Have a discussion on what fixtures and finishes need to be updated. for the bathroom remodeling project. Make a checklist for everything that’s broken and worn out. Don’t stick to the desired budget! It’s best that you add a little extra for your bathroom remodeling project. You will never know as the remodeling moves forward, some unanticipated problems will add to the cost.

2. Hire a professional help

The bathroom may have the smallest room in a house but it’s also the area wherein you have to address a lot of issues. If you are having a hard time putting in a plan, hire a seasoned professional. A contractor will offer you advice on plumbing, electrical, counters, and extras like cabinets and tiles. He or she will address your vision and will even handle the schedules for both vendors and installers.

3.Check your toilet placement

Have you noticed that most bathroom doors are left open? It’s this habit which anyone walking by immediately see the toilet. You can ask any designer; this is a big no-no if you’re trying to resell your house. For a more appealing view, never make the toilet the center point of the bathroom. This literally kills the mood when you’re entering the room.

4.Don’t get cheap on the vanity

One of the biggest returns for a bathroom remodeling project is updating the vanity. Don’t just paint or replace the top! Yes, granite can be an affordable option but if you can go a bit more expensive, go for it! Look for something that will give you a high-end impression.

Most home buyers today that are couples will look for a double sink. They want more space because of the morning rush. Having two sinks will increase the counter space and the storage area in the bathroom.

As a parting shot, most buyers who are looking for homes will take a look at the number of bathrooms available. If you are not on a tight budget, you might want to reconsider adding another bathroom before the selling time to make the appeal even more inviting.

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