Through our efforts over the past more than 25 years in business, Michael Nash Custom Kitchens & Homes and Michael Nash Interiors have established themselves in the community as a reliable remodeler and interior designer, with good livable design that is both appealing and functional. Kitchens and baths are our specialty, including additions and full remodeling of adjacent areas. Planning, design and construction are done by our employees, not subcontractors, so we retain complete control over quality from start to finish. As a result, our projects have been featured in local magazines and newspapers, and have won awards. Come see us at our Merrifield showroom to find out more, or contact us for an appointment to have a designer come to your home.

House on a Hill

Source: ELAN APRIL 2018 Creating A Welcoming Southern Colonial | John Byrd Huntsville, Alabama is a pretty small town, yet it has three historic districts and more homes in the national register than most places twice its size. growing up in such a community, Gina...

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Sweet Home Alabama

Source: Fairfax County Times Homes Friday – Sunday, March 23 – 25, 2018 Michael Nash Hillside Solution adds space for grand foyer, gracious southern living By John Byrd SPECIAL TO THE FAIRFAX COUNTY TIMES Hunstville, AL is a pretty small town — yet...

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Let the Sun Shine In

Source: ELAN Magazine March 2018 “Sunrooms are an immensely popular way to add living space. Our temperate climate assures a degree of affordable comfort–but the bigger draw may be the visual linkage to the outside.” ~ Sonny Nazemian SUNROOMS COMPLEMENT A...

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No place like home for aging peacefully

Source: Fairfax County Times Homes Friday – Sunday, February 16 – 18, 2018 Designer Sonny Nazemian discusses retrofit strategies that help seniors stay in their own homes By John Byrd SPECIAL TO THE FAIRFAX COUNTY TIMES “Aging-in-place solutions are...

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Indoor-Outdoor Solutions

Source: ELAN Magazine February 2018 “Creating a more satisfying relationship between the house and its setting becomes more important to owners as they continue occupying their homes.” ~ Sonny Nazemian FINDING ARCHITECTURAL CONTEXT By John Byrd “Creating a more...

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Let the sun shine in!

Source: Fairfax County Times Homes Friday – Sunday, February 2 – 4, 2018 Master remodeler Sonny Nazemian: “Sunrooms are still an attractive way to add new square footage” By John Byrd SPECIAL TO THE FAIRFAX COUNTY TIMES “Sunrooms remain a popular way to...

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Hidden Potential

Source: ELAN Magazine January 2018 There can be surprisingly daunting engineering issues when working in uneven terrain. Because compaction issues are so exacting, a lot of contractors won’t take on projects like this ~ Sonny Nazemian UPDATING A MID-CENTURY...

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The Townhouse… fully realized

Source: Fairfax County Times Homes Friday – Sunday, January 19 – 21, 2018 Master designer/remodeler Sonny Nazemian reveals practices that are making townhomes more spacious, attractive and comfortable By John Byrd SPECIAL TO THE FAIRFAX COUNTY TIMES...

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Rear Elevation Solution

Source: Viva Tysons Magazine January – February, 2018 How Master Designer/Remodeler Sonny Nazemian Finds Useful Square Footage In Places Others Overlook By John Byrd Robert Brooks and Julie Griffith had occupied their 2,800 sq ft Colonial in McLean for over 20...

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Mainstreaming the lower level

Source: Fairfax County Times Homes Friday – Sunday, December 29 – 31, 2017 How master designer/remodeler Sonny Nazemian converts unfinished basements into the homeowner’s favorite place to entertain By John Byrd SPECIAL TO THE FAIRFAX COUNTY TIMES It is...

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Making Room for Baby

Source: ELAN Magazine December 2017 “When designing a bathroom, you need to remember the realities of everyday life and plan for storage and other amenities.” ~ Sonny Nazemian Exceptional interior yields award-winning solution by John Byrd “John and Jessica...

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A family kitchen in time for the holidays

Source: Fairfax County Times Homes December 1 – 3, 2017 How master designer/remodeler Sonny Nazemian’s award-winning plan revitalized a 60-year old home By John Byrd SPECIAL TO THE FAIRFAX COUNTY TIMES If the American kitchen isn’t what it used to be,...

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A Masterful Spa

Source: Elan Magazine November 2017 A Sanctuary For Happy Homeowners By Troy Blewett   The new owners of this Mclean home felt the existing bathroom was much too small. They had an adjacent sitting room, however, that was bigger than expected. And they were more...

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Rear Elevation Optimizes House For Growing Family

Source: Fairfax County Times Homes, Friday – Sunday, November 17 – 19, 2017 How Master Designer/ Remodeler Sonny Nazemian finds useful square footage in places others overlook By John Byrd SPECIAL TO THE FAIRFAX COUNTY TIMES   Robert Brooks and Julie...

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