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2016 NARI Capital CotY Honorable Mention Award Winner, Residential Kitchen Over $150,000

This family recently purchased a Lager home in Great Falls area because its private lot, beautiful scenery, tennis court, and pool. The home was a larger scale but it was in desperate need of face lift. Kitchen was closed up from main family room and adjacent hallway. Dark color cabinetry, counter top and dated appliances were all had a negative impact on any buyer walking through the door.

Our design staff has seen the potential of the space and went to work with new homeowner designing a much elaborate and upscale kitchen. Thinking out of the box, they have proceeded with removing couple load bearing walls to adjacent family and hallway, incorporated the hallway by removing partition wall and relocating larger scale appliances into them, opening up the stairway wall to allow more light into staircase and create a bigger illusion of space.

Smart use of light color custom cabinetry with large scale trim molding, and carefully selecting a complimentary exotic counter top stone has brightened up the horizon for this new kitchen.


The lighting was completely redone with direct and indirect lights and use of upscale hanging chandeliers.

The lady of the house always dreamt of cooking on professional scale appliances and we granted her wish with a very nice high ends cooking and refrigerators,


Colors mattered so much to her and we have been working hard to achieve her soft yet interesting color schemes to create the seamless connection with the rest of her home.


She and her family could be any happier with outcome this rejuvenated Kitchen project. Soft and Classy is how she described her new headquarter.

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