Retail Price: $ 33,428

Young couple recently purchased their first home in Centreville VA and were looking to do some updating and adding more storage for the kitchen.

“Crummy and old” was how the wife has described the old kitchen.


  • Updated and new look for this kitchen
  • Continuous tile flooring for better flow
  • More storage
  • Lighter and brighter color schemes
  • Granite counter top
  • Better lighting
  • Meet Universal and NAHB design criteria

After design staff completed their consultation with clients, they all agreed on

  • Removing a partition wall to enlarge cabinetry
  • linen color cabinetry with a contrasting Java Island,
  • relocating the stove to east wall from the old island
  • Moving a side wall into adjacent office to create wider aisles and implement bigger island with overhang to accommodate several seating stools
  • Relocating the fridge on the outer wall to create longer counters on both side of stove
  • Placing the microwave in Island to be able
  • Professional range & tapered stainless hood with high powered exhaust fan to facilitate asian/Middle eastern cooking


  • Overhead bulkhead contains lots of plumbing that needed relocating
  • Gas line and exhaust duct that needed to be relocated, enlarged for higher capacity appliances
  • Repair floor joists ( sagged and warped) to be able to handle porcelain tile floor
  • Remove a partial wall with a bearing post and soil stack pipe


  • A lighter and brighter kitchen with soft tones of colors
  • Complementing Exotic & light granite top with a very interesting movements
  • Upscale appliances and more effective placements for day to day use
  • Better flow and seating option around the island for when the occasion calls
  • Now they really call this kitchen their home. They will be able to have large gathering of friends and family in this new space.
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