Home Additions Project? SAQs That You Should Ask

13 Apr, 2017 adminHome Additions  by: admin
As a homeowner and facing a home additions project. It's important to find someone you can get along with who'll do the job right. Ideally, you should have at least three potential candidates so you can compare their responses -- to guarantee you're getting a good match. This is your home, after all; you want...READ MORE
Have you ever been envious of first-class hotel bathrooms? The over-sized shower. The limestone floor. The granite bath. Building an elegant bathroom right in your own home isn’t as challenging as it seems. Believe it or not, adding a few remodeling designs can turn an ordinary bath into a private sanctuary. You will now have...READ MORE

Kitchen Remodeling: 5 Sins To Avoid

31 Mar, 2017 adminKitchen  by: admin
Kitchen remodeling tops the list when it comes to renovation projects. Especially since the kitchen is a gathering space for both family and friends. That is why it is important that you keep up with the the current trends. Yet, such a remodeling can sometimes not be all heaven. You should pay close attention on...READ MORE

5 Best Ideas for Your Basement Remodeling Job

22 Mar, 2017 adminBasement  by: admin
Is your basement still a forgotten space? Has this gone unused through the years? Have you thought about basement remodeling in Ashburn VA? Why don't you try our suggestions below? This will surely change the mood of the room. Erase that memory of a dark, damp and unfinished space. Your Own Exercise Facility Do you want...READ MORE

Awesome Kitchen Design Trends

13 Mar, 2017 adminKitchen  by: admin
Your kitchen can be considered as the heart of your home. It is where you spend most of your time in a day, cooking meals for your family and experimenting on new recipes. Sometimes it's where to take your special guests, especially if you are planning to give them a tasty snack. That's why just...READ MORE
Perhaps you'll agree that a lot goes in and out of your mind when you're in the shower. Some people would even dare say their works of art are formed while they were trying to scrub themselves clean under an endless spray of water. Isn't that just unusual and cool? That says a lot about...READ MORE

Improve Your Flooring with These Trendy Designs

28 Feb, 2017 adminUpdates Specials New Custom Home  by: admin
Space can influence your mood in ways you might not be aware of. Everything in a room contributes to the overall appeal of your home. Your floors, for example, can make your surroundings appear brighter, cozier, warmer, or larger depending on its color and design. This part of the house may be the least of...READ MORE

Experience the Best Kind of Fun in Your Own Home This Valentine's Day

13 Feb, 2017 adminNew Custom Home Home Additions  by: admin
You don't have to leave the house to have the best day of your life this February 14. Staying indoors will be just as romantic and exciting. Your home can provide you far better things than a 5 star hotel and restaurant could. So, with our without someone to spend this special day, here's how...READ MORE

Try These Layouts in Your Next Kitchen Remodeling

10 Feb, 2017 adminKitchen  by: admin
Cooking areas come in different styles. Depending on what suits you best, here are the top kitchen layouts that you should get for your kitchen remodeling:   One-wall This is perfect for micro homes or studio type places. One wall kitchens doesn't take up much space and is probably considered as the most common layout...READ MORE

Top 10 Home Remodeling Professional Apps

02 Feb, 2017 adminNew Custom Home  by: admin
Did you know that you can also rely on your smartphone to help you with your next home improvement project? These top 10 remodeling apps will help you come up with better ideas for a major remodel: Houzz Interior Design Ideas Houzz has millions of users worldwide who constantly share high resolution home interior and exterior...READ MORE